The most modern solutions that exist today are steel systems. They are ideal for doors, windows and walls, and their ultra-slim profiles offer virtually flawless visibility. The strength of steel allows you to create exceptionally narrow lines, which is not always possible with other materials. In addition, natural durability, thermal efficiency and incredible safety.

Standard Steel

Steel windows and doors of the Standard Steel series are a unique and beautiful addition to any home. It is the perfect combination of industrial and modern design in your interior. Due to their inherent strength, steel windows and doors have slim profiles and maximize the amount of glass that can be incorporated into your space. In addition, minimalist profiles offer an elegant look, encompass a variety of architectural styles, and work well in both traditional and contemporary homes. Contact us

Steel profile series

In our production, we use steel profile systems from the companies FORSTER and SECCO, which develops and manufactures them for a number of applications. High quality profile systems are impressive steel and stainless steel solutions for doors, windows and curtain walls.


Window handles, being a visible and "contact" element of translucent structures, carry an important aesthetic and functional load. Handles set the windows in motion, and also leave vivid visual and tactile impressions. The "Stolyarus" company uses MACO window handles, the impeccable quality of which is confirmed by the manufacturer's 12-year functional guarantee.

Protective coating

Our steel products are protected by a powder compound from AXALTA, an international coating company focused on providing customers with innovative, color and sustainable solutions. With more than 150 years of experience in the industry, Axalta continues to maintain the ability to serve more than 100,000 customers with the best coatings, application systems and technologies. More details at the link

Double glazing

This is the main element in the design of a modern window. In our windows, it is possible to install one-, two- and three-chamber double-glazed windows up to 80 mm thick. All double-glazed windows of our collection are filled with inert gas - argon, which makes them more energy-saving.Using one or another glass package, you can get increased characteristics of energy saving, protection from the sun, noise insulation or protection from penetration.In order to improve the thermal insulation properties of windows, instead of an aluminum distance, a warm distance is often used. It is made of polycarbonate and stainless steel. The frame can be white, gray, brown or black.